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Get Involved

The Farmers Market Stakeholders Association is a volunteer and non-profit organization and our continued success with Dallas Farmers Market revitalization efforts, public safety and improved economic conditions and development requires the support and involvement of our membership.

Membership: Please contact Rob Robinson. Cell: 972-489-1811. Email: gjrobinson3@gmail.com

Why should you get involved?

Are you a business owner, property owner or resident in the Farmers Market Neighborhood?
Are you concerned about area crime, public safety and how it impacts your business, residence and property values?
Are you concerned about the future of the Dallas Farmers Market and overall neighborhood plan?

Be informed of key neighborhood issues before it’s too late.

Learn how you can help improve the neighborhood conditions and make a difference.

Show support and get involved in the Farmers Market neighborhood and community.

Help us revitalize the Farmers Market neighborhood and improve economic conditions.


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