An Update on Harwood Park!

new park set to open in 2023

Parks for Downtown Dallas has released an update on the further development of Hardwood Park, which is set to break ground later this year and open in 2023.

Rendering of Mammoth Playground Equipment - Ten Eyck Landscape Architects

In addition to other programmed park activities like swings, water features, benches, and a multifunctional sport court, the park will include playground equipment that is inspired by Dallas’ prehistoric past. Christine Ten Eyck, founding principal of Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, had this to say to Parks for Downtown Dallas about the inspiration for the new playground equipment:

“The design of Harwood Park tells a story that spans the last 100,000 years: from grazing ground of prehistoric Mammoths to the former tributary of the Trinity River; from a residential neighborhood, to automobile service and then film industry, to its present role as a contemporary mixed-use neighborhood for downtown living.”

Rendered Site Plan - Ten Eyck Landscape Architects

Ten Eyck Landscape Architects describes the design of the park in part as a response to the increase of residents within our district. Currently, the closest park to our district is Main Street Gardens.

“The future Harwood Park, a unique and complementary addition to the Downtown Dallas park network, unites and transforms two city blocks into a community resource where natural systems, architectural history, and urban life converge. The master plan responds to the growing residential population within the Farmers’ Market District and the corresponding demand for recreational open space by introducing a new approach to the integration of public and private domains in an urban setting. A variety of exterior spaces promote relaxation and recreation, while repurposed historic buildings on site are seen not as a detriment to open space but as an opportunity for activation, providing the potential for event, living, sports, and office spaces within the park boundaries. The ecologically-sensitive master plan integrates salvaged materials, maximizes pervious and vegetated areas, and implements a water-harvesting system on site, allowing urban dwellers to connect with nature and their community all within sight of the stunning downtown skyline.”

The new park will introduce much needed green space into our district (approximately 3.2 acres) in addition to proposed improvements to several buildings currently located on the block between Jackson, Harwood, Young, and Pearl. Like Klyde Warren Park and Carpenter Park, Harwood Park will be highly programmed with various spaces for activity and an opportunity for natural reprieve within Dallas’ glass and concrete setting. It will also further bridge our district to Downtown Dallas.

The new park will bring 3.2 acres of public green space to our approximately 160 acre FMSA district

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