Join Our Organization!

Thank you for wanting to become a member of our organization and speaking up! Members include residents, vendors, organizations, and neighborhood supporters. The definition of each type of membership is located below. Use the contact form to request a membership. Our secretary will mail you an invoice for an annual subscription.

The Farmers Market District encompasses the area between Good Latimer Expressway, Ervay Street, Jackson Street, and Interstate 30.

Membership fees are payable yearly commencing January 1st of each year. Invoices will be sent out in January to all existing members.

Please let us know if you have any questions about becoming a member. Revenue from merchandise sales go directly back to supporting our community.

Organization Membership


Organization Memberships are for businesses, commercial property owners, associations and non-profit organizations whose principal place of business is located within the geographic boundaries of “The District.”

Vendor Membership


Vendor Memberships are open to all vendors and merchants who operate at the Dallas Farmers Market in the Shed (formerly Shed No. 1) and/or the Market (formally Shed no. 2). Each member shall have the right to designate one member who meets the eligibility requirements to be elected to the Board of Directors, and to serve on committees.

Resident Membership


Resident memberships are open to all residents who live in the Dallas Farmers Market District. Each household can designate one member to vote on Association matters, to be elected to the Board of Directors, and to serve on committees.

Supporter Membership


Supporter Memberships are for organizations or individuals who resides outside or inside the geographic boundaries of the District but wishes to support the efforts of the Association as a non-voting member.

Request a Membership

When you sign up, we will send you an invoice for an annual membership based on the type of membership selected below.