Meeting Minutes June 2018

FMSA June 12 Meeting minutes Meeting at Green Door

6:00 start time aprox. 50 people in attendance.

Mike Sanchez opened the meeting

Mark Ruibal acting secretary

Reminder to all to update memberships and buy tee shirts

  • Homeless Situation Update
    • Fire at the bridge caused evacs to stewpot – now fixed and business as usual
    • Good cooperation between Bridge and Stewpot
    • Stewpot is working on Intake requirements and trash cleanup
    • MS relates that we will not be signing good neighbor endorsement until the Bridge proves through action that we should. Meetings for meetings sake don’t cut it.
  • Officer Walton Report
    • Homeless are entitled to the street but cannot be on private property without consent.
    • Businesses should file Trespassing affidavits with the city so officers can enforce no-trespassing without owners present.
    • If there is no police presence at feedings call 911 to report. Officers will not break it up, but will help keep order. -Watch also for drop and feed situations.
    • Reminder to call 911 for documentation on all issues. If they know they will respond.
  • Marilla Pearl Crosswalk
    • Meeting overview of the proposal including graphics.
    • Brian Bergeson, Mark Ruibal and Mike Sanchez voice approval.
    • Mr Bergeson -Urban Farmbouse will open within the week.
    • Retail space 100%full -Taylor Lofts will open end of the year – 61 Apts with underground parking
  • Parking
    • Mr Bergeson asked for FMSA and individual support for paid parking in the city owned garage Citing a need for better turnover on customer parking. Director of Econ Development must agree to changes to stop long term parking.
    • Questions asked about Bergeson group profiting, but Mr Bergeson assures that revenue will go to more security.
    • Parking Ideas discussed including FM shuttle and off site parking options that B.Begeson offers to announce within a week .
    • Lawrence Sweeney, M. Ruibal and B. Bergeson resolve to discuss options on the Scottish Rite parking lot.
  • FM Vendors Address
    • Questions about declining sales and customer feedback that the Frisco Fresh Market will further erode return customers.
    • FMGroup say they are spending on marketing and there is a waiting list for spots, and that they encourage farmers markets, and that the Dallas Farmers Market is an institution that can thrive in the face of even more competition.
    • Parking was addressed again as a negative factor as was vendor confusion
    • Vendor group expressed apprehension in DFM’s willingness to “hope” customers return.
    • Sanchez offered on behalf of the FMSA to host/mediate a vendor/owner meeting/. B Bergeson declined the offer but offered renewal of Vendor meetings.
    • Conversation was tabled as this is a Private DFM business matter
  • Crime Report
    • short version -Farmers Market area crime down 5% -Reminder to call 911 re-issued

Meeting adjourned.