May 2019

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


May 14, 2022


Charming At The Market


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance

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  1. Welcome by Lawrence Sweeney, President at 6:05pm
  2. Thanks to Theresa, owner of Charmin at The Market.
  3. Senior Cpl. Daniel Nevarez, Dallas Police Dept. gave the following crime statistics for April, 2019:
    1. 9 burglary of motor vehicle; 2 robbery of individual; 5 stolen motor vehicles; 1 kidnapping; 4 motor vehicle break-ins (per the manager at Harvest Lofts, may have occurred in May)
  4. Jose Ruiz, Code Compliance Officer for the City of Dallas, introduced two new, additional officers: Paul Price and Yvette Banks. Mr. Ruiz has been promoted but will continue to serve our area. Recent complaints have been: homeless loitering and someone painted graffiti (a tagger).
    1. Mr. Ruiz advised us to call 311 if sidewalks or streets are blocked by construction, without permits.
  5. Melissa Prycer, Exec. Dir. Of Dallas Heritage Village, our neighbor on the southwest corner of Harwood at Interstate 30, gave a presentation and invited our membership to become members of Dallas’ first city park. She also offered us the gate code to use the park in the evenings for walking in a secure area. Ms. Prycer also informed us about the partnership with Vogel’s Alcove, a resource for homeless children.
  6. Old Business:  There has been a delay to completion of the crosswalks on Marilla at Pearl due to rain/bad weather.
  7. E.J. Pipkin and Noll Saunders from spoke about the East Quarter development and concerns regarding whether the project would affect the current residents and stakeholders in our area.  Lawrence Sweeney said he would discuss the situation with Adam Medrano, our area’s city councilman for more information.
  8. The meeting was called at 6:58 pm.