June 2019

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


June 11, 2019




6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance

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  1. Welcome by Lawrence Sweeney, President at 6:02pm
  2. Senior Cpl. Daniel Nevarez, Dallas Police Dept. gave the following crime statistics for May, 2019:
    1. Major offenses:  robbery of individual on Cadiz, stolen purse.  A witness followed the suspect who was arrested occurred on May 1. Also, assault of a security officer on May 6. Burglary of a motor vehicle at 2323 Taylor on May 9.  Another burglary of a motor vehicle on May 27. Officer Nevarez reminded us to Lock, Take, and Hide.
    2. DPD Officer Gillespie also reminded us to check apps Let Go and Offer Up for items stolen from our vehicles.
  3. Paul Price and Yvette Banks, our Code Compliance Officers mentioned the graffiti at Millet Printing at 1500 Cadiz.  They also mentioned the City of Dallas offers help in cleaning up and painting over graffiti by using the Abatement Form, which they provided. They also discussed sidewalks blocked by construction can be reported by calling 311 or 911 or City of Dallas Transportation Department.
  4. Mr. Ruiz advised us to call 311 if sidewalks or streets are blocked by construction, without permits.
  5. A question was asked about cones blocking the driveway between the Food Bank parking lot and the Harvest Loft office.  Apparently, there is an issue with the Futsal sports venue that is being resolved.
  6. Pat Bywater spoke about Encore Park, project of The Stewpot. The project includes the 508 Park/Old Paramount Building and the 515 Park property bought from Oncor. The 508 Amphitheater will hold events such as dance contests, movies, commercial events, and happy hours.  Additionally, they can accommodate fundraising events and weddings!  There is also a community garden with the produce being sold by The Provisions space in the Market. Parking is available at the First Presbyterian Church. Thanks to Pat for the delicious plums he shared at the meeting.
  7. Crosswalks are still behind schedule due to weather delays.
  8. Bike Harwood is a new project on Harwood allowing for bike lanes and a parking lane.  We will get more info soon.
  9. E.J.Pitkin gave us an update on the SaveFarmersMarket.org.  It is his understanding the Adam Medrano, our city councilman, is not supporting the development project known as the Loco Melitio Addition and East Quarter.  However, no rezoning is required due to our area’s status as the Farmers Market Special Purpose District.
  10. The developer has been invited to speak to us.  Also, Lawrence Sweeney is seeking additional information.
  11. Mike Sanchez, member, brought up some questions about parking, signage, and right of way (re: The Taylor Lofts).  A general discussion followed.
  12. The meeting was called at 7:10 pm.