July 2019

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


July 9, 2019




6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance

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  1. Welcome by Lawrence Sweeney, President at 6:04pm
  2. Senior Cpl. Daniel Nevarez, Dallas Police Dept. gave the following crime statistics for June, 2019: 
    1. An assault from violence resulting in an arrest.
    2. An arrest for public intoxication on Harwood Street on 6/15/19.
    3. Theft of property (a tip jar) on Harwood Street on 6/27/19.
    4. Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on Taylor Street on 6/29/19. A witness followed the vehicle and an arrest was made.
    5. Theft of property (bicycle) from a stairwell on 6/14/19.
    6. Theft of a laptop on 6/19/19.
    7. Murder on Akard Street, suspect arrested.
    8. Additionally, 40 motor vehicle break-ins and 30 stolen vehicles throughout the area.
    9. We were reminded: If you see something, say something.  We were encouraged to download and use the Dallas Police Department 911 app to report crimes. Community Watch officers Sgt. Bell and Lt. Dillard advised that we can send a video clip or a picture on the app. Also, use the app to report big trash and if you need an escort or help to get home.
  3. Paul Price and Yvette Banks, our Code Compliance Officers, have been sent out to do educational training. Our new officer is Fabian Ramirez, Fabian.ramirez@dallascityhall.com, introduced by Jose Ruiz, 214-316-5555. The most recent issues have been homeless litter and graffiti.  There are forms available to report either situation. Also, tree grates are being stolen for re-use and also for their metal content. 
  4. We were also informed of a situation involving squatters moving into empty homes.  There is information available from homeless lawyers and the library to forge leases. The police are powerless and it is considered a civil matter for the actual homeowner to have the squatter removed. The squatters can even have utilities turned on; they usually get three months of services before being disconnected for non pay!  The actual owners’ only recourse is to legally evict the squatters.  However, some have used a loophole in the process to have a private security firm “clean up their property” which is another way of saying, evict the squatters.
  5. Mark Waltz from All Saints Dallas on Ervay at Cadiz let us know the first public service was scheduled to be held on July 14, 2019.
  6. Crosswalks are still behind schedule due to weather delays.
  7. Brenda Snitzer, Ministry Director at the Stew Pot, spoke about the different services they offer including, helping with acquisition of id’s and driver’s licenses. They had asked the city of Dallas for $250,000 and received $187,000 to provide meals and other services to the homeless population.
  8. Susan Armanov asked for volunteers to act as greeters, help with bounce houses, temporary tattoos, and other fun services to be offered at the Watermelon Fest on August 3, from 9-5, in ½ hour blocks.  Volunteers get a free tee shirt!
  9. Adam Medrano has tentatively scheduled to come to the August meeting.
  10. Todd Interests of The East Quarter Development have been invited to the October meeting.
  11. The meeting ended at 6:48pm