August 2019

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information




Charming At The Market


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance

  • Lawrence Sweeney
  • Ivy Sweeney
  • Gail Crawford


  1. Code Compliance – Fabian Ramirez
    1. Fabian informed us that the graffiti and tagging situation is being addressed.
    2. A member reported that there is a problem with large grates in the neighborhood being stolen.  Owners are responsible for them, not the city.
    3. A member reported an issue with the fire alarm constantly going off at the 999 Harwood building; Fabian said he will follow up with them about it.
    4. Fabian encouraged us to use the 311 app to report issues.  
  2. Crime Stats – Officer Daniel Nevarez 
    1. Daniel went over the recent stats and showed a presentation on Run Hide Fight for active shooter situations.  The video is at
    2. We were instructed to call 911 if we see a black Nissan Altima, plate # JVC2718, it was traced back to Enterprise Rental Cars.
    3. Robberies are happening between 9am and 3pm.  Undercover officers are out there.
    4. There is a K2 sales problem in the WFAA area
  3. Current Events – President Lawrence Sweeney
    1. The crosswalk is behind due to the weather.
    2. The new bicycle lanes are causing traffic problems, there are no signs, people are confused.  Adam Medrano is to be contacting the transportation department about it.
    3. The charge for parking around the market was discussed. Adam Medrano doesn’t agree with it so not charging for now.  No parking signs and tow zone signs are wanted.
    4. The new 17 story building was discussed.  The old buildings have been demolished
    5. Attorneys for that neighborhood association have sent letters to Todd Interests.  See 
    6. Diagrams have been done of the units affected.
    7. Member wants to ask Adam Medrano if Todd has applied properly, if they are following code, if it’s fair to build.
    8. Some neighbors have given their ok for the building.
    9. Todd Interests has been invited to talk to our association.
    10. The City budget is under discussion – Aug 19th at Bachman Lake, Aug 20th at the downtown library.  Public safety and small increase in taxes are the main issues.
    11. Aug 27th there will be a crime watch meeting at Ellen’s, 1970 N. Record St., Dallas.
  4. City Futsal Field – Esteban and Manuel Mariel
    1. Manuel is in charge of the parties & events.  They have Carrollton and Richardson locations too.
    2. The field has 3 surfaces – hard, sand & turf.  Adults and youth welcome. It’s for competitive sports and social recreation open to the public.
    3. The membership program is $30/year.  They have a small bar and snack bar.
    4. They want to marry with the shed for produce and products.
    5. They want to be respective to the neighborhood regarding the sound issue, call them with any complaints. 
    6. A Cityview Townhomes (next to Futsal) person complained about the loud concerts there.  Susan Armanovs is working on the sound issues and time constraints with the city manager of special events.
  5. Upcoming Events/Other
    1. Susan Armanovs announced the Sept 7th Brewfest coming to the market.
    2. Member said word is not getting out about events.  Susan said she notifies the surrounding buildings and management offices for them to send out notice.  All event permitting is approved through Susan.
    3. Lawrence requested Susan send out a blast email notice to the FMSA about upcoming events.
  6. Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm