January 2020

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


January 14, 2020


Charming At The Market


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance

  • Lawrence Sweeney
  • Ivy Sweeney
  • Gail Crawford


  1. Crime Stats – Officer Daniel Nevarez
    1. Daniel went over the recent stats, property crime numbers are up
    2. Target areas are the Greyhound Bus Station, AAC, the Market/Shed, Main St. Garden and Park, and the Statler has had increased 911 calls
    3. The stabbing incident in the Market was a homeless on homeless crime, the suspect is in jail, was a good outcome
    4. Alicia Clay expressed concern about the need for attention to the kitchen access of the Market restaurants; security around the Market is lacking/a joke; Lisa gave good swift action/directive to “lock and leave”
    5. Daniel will discuss the lacking security with Market Management
    6. Rob Robinson expressed concern about the setup of the Statler Hotel – the sidewalk access is cut off, it’s a problem for pedestrians
    7. Rob also concerned about the phone/device charging stations in the plant pots outside the Market property – a homeless guy was lurking out front of Rob’s house, Rob called 911 because they left and came back
    8. Daniel instructed to always call 911
    9. Brenda Snitzer requested we have Market management come to the meeting with info. specifics on where all they cover security-wise
  2. Code Compliance – Officer Johnny Garcia, Central District Code Office
    1. There were 197 cases reported in the past month, graffiti/tagging still an issue being addressed, you can submit a consent form for the City to remove/abate it
    2. Other issues were litter, code, signs, high weeds, and obstruction of sidewalks
    3. Johnny encouraged us to call 311 or use the ourdallas app to report issues/concerns
      1. it’s their tracking database
    4. Re: homeless citations and criminal trespass – the 1st time is a warning, 2nd time is actionable; they will need an affidavit, and the Office of Homeless Solutions is contacted
    5. Pastor Mark concerned about the issue with cars parked on Ervay/Corsicana that sit there at length – Johnny instructed to call Parking Enforcement and/or use the apps
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Gail Crawford
    1. $1242 collected in 2019, $2544 in expenses = $1300 deficit – most of the deficit was attributed to Mike Sanchez’s website fees from 2018 that showed up in 2019 (for 2020 we should be at $507, but $1169 was paid to Sanchez for what we didn’t need)
    2. As of 12/31/19 we have $5,177.19 in the FMSA checking account
    3. Buddy Jordan inquired why so much $ in the bank? Rob explained dues increase, t­shirt sales, no events where we buy wine & snacks
  4. President’s Report – Lawrence Sweeney
    1. The crosswalk has been completed
    2. Construction on the new 17 story building is underway; the FMSA did not oppose it in writing, there were no code issues, no big opposition, it’s being built in accordance with City code
    3. Re: marketing the FMSA – we will be promoting meeting attendance, informative presentations from the clean team, Todd Interests, etc.; we were requested to send an email notice re: the FMSA to the Market media coordinator, Ashley Tobar, and the Amelia apartments across the street
    4. Re: voting/ballots, we missed inclusion of the board nominations on our meeting notice; Travis Banick motioned for approval of waiver of the 10-day notice period, and Buddy seconded the motion; Buddy announced that he counted the voting ballots and it was unanimous for everyone
  5. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm 


The following nominations have been approved by the FMSA Board of Directors and will be voted on at the January 14th 2020 annual membership meeting. We realize that under the terms of the FMSA Bylaws, we should have provided the nomination information at least 10 days prior to the annual meeting. We propose to make a motion to waive this 10-day notice period on this occasion. If the motion is passed by the members present at the annual meeting, the election will proceed; otherwise, the election will be delayed until the February meeting. 

FMSA 2020 Board Nomination Bios


Lawrence Sweeney 

Current Board member with more than 30 years managing public and private companies in a variety of industries. Active in the downtown Dallas community since 2002; resident in the Dallas Farmers Market area since 2015.


Ivy Sweeney 

Current Board member since 2017. Board member of the City of Dallas TIF Board for the Farmers Market District. Resident of downtown Dallas since 2013, and of the Dallas Farmers Market community since 2015. Paralegal at FisherBroyles, LLP, with over 20 years of experience in the legal field.


Gail Crawford 

Current Board member and resident of the Dallas Farmers Market area since 2016 and has served as Treasurer of the FMSA this past year. She currently works for a national multi-family developer/builder as a Risk Manager. With a degree in accounting, Gail previously worked for an international construction company as their construction controller. 


Mark Ruibal 

Current Board member and a founding member of the FMSA. His family has operated Ruibal’s Plants at the Dallas Farmers Market since 1984. 

Mary Gonzales Lowe 

Current Board member and resident of the downtown Dallas area since 2017, and current resident of Harvest Lofts at the Dallas Farmers Market; owner of Lowe’s Construction; member of several local chambers of commerce and contractors associations. 

Alicia Clay 

Owner of Charming at the Market in the Harvest Lofts building. Alicia has donated her Charming space for FMSA meetings this past year, and has been a regular attendee at the FMSA meetings. 

Mark D. Walz 

Dallas native who recently moved back to his hometown to plant a church. Currently he is on staff at All Saints Church Dallas on Ervay just down the street from the Dallas Farmers Market. All Saints Dallas is invested in the continued growth and health of the Dallas Farmers Market District.