February 202o

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


February 11, 2020


Charming At The Market


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance

  • Lawrence Sweeney
  • Ivy Sweeney
  • Mark Ruibal


  1. Crime Stats -Officer Daniel Nevarez
    1. Daniel went over the recent stats, robberies/thefts are up
  2. Guest Speaker – Martin Cramer, Downtown Dallas Inc.
    1. Albert Santos is managing homeless outreach, Daniel Nevarez is on DDl’s homeless outreach too, along with preacher Dr. Woody (who’s on DDl’s payroll)
    2. Martin went over how his group works with the Dallas Police Dept.; DDI is funded by property owners and members
    3. Lt. Brian Cruz was introduced, he’s making contacts with businesses, they do security escorts
    4. Encouraged to use the See Say Now app – send photo and they’ll check it out, they’ll call DPD if cannot handle the situation, an off-duty officer works for them -first safety patrol responds, then second other officers are called for assistance, there’s about a 7 minute response time
    5. Re: panhandling/quality of life/etc. 911 calls – part of the burden is being taken on by Lt. Brian Cruz’s group
    6. A new elementary school is opening in the old UNT center across from the Main Street Garden (K-3 through 6th or 7th/8th grades) -this was an effort with Courtney Garrett that took 6-7 years to develop
  3. Code Compliance -Officer Johnny Garcia
    1. They are continuing to combat the graffiti/tagging problem – they have a graffiti consent form for property owners that’s required for abatement-we are encouraged to fill it out asap after the graffiti
    2. They are working on the homeless issues, networking with the Office of Homeless Solutions regarding encampment issues, etc. – Mr. Ninfi works this area
    3. Becky with DDl’s Clean Team – their area is inside the freeway loop, center of downtown -graffiti removed, sticker abatement, gallons of bags of trash removed, dog mess/feces piles and dead animals removed, clean up homeless messes left-they have 16 crew members working 2 shifts 6:00 am-3:00 pm weekdays, 8:00 am-7:00 pm weekends (poop and trash, homeless sleeping on property most common calls); there are 176 dog stations through the parks, they service all the parks and their bathrooms, trashes and plants
    4. Can reach the Clean Team via See Say Now app
    5. Daniel Nevarez emphasized that if we don’t contact them through the app, they won’t know about it
    6. Re: the parking and new bike lanes issues, the person in charge was not at the meeting
    7. Daniel said it would be the Traffic department that would be the engineers that put the confusing lanes there
  4. Upcoming Events –
    1. Julie Dee with the American Lung Assoc. – Saturday May 16 they’ll be at the Market doing the Lung Force Walk, 3 miles starting at 8:00 am; they want to get 300-400 people; sponsors/participants needed
    2. David and Charles with Noble Rey Brewery – they have a tailgate and some other events coming, to be announced
  5. Meeting adjourned at 6:42 pm