December 2020

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


December 8, 2020


Virtual Meeting


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance

  • Lawrence Sweeney
  • Ivy Sweeney
  • Mark Ruibal
  • Gail Crawford

Others In Attendance

  • Officer Shawn Hejke (“Hegka” Daniel Nevarrez’s replacement), Martin Cramer, Willard’s ipad, Adrian Pittman, Susie Marshall, David Woody, Johnny Garcia, Lisa Ferri, Lauren Davis/DDI, Willard Smoot


  1. DPD Update/Crime Stats – Officer Shawn Hejke
    1. He’s our new neighborhood DPD officer/liaison, he’s been 17 years on the dept., trained/rookied at CBD, in the Army 10 years before this
    2. 30-day snapshot – property crimes and family violence up a small amount; this time last year we were 31% down
    3. Re: car stunts, not in the Farmers Market lately; re: street racing, there are more initiatives established 
    4. Homeless and exposing issues and violence are high, and graffiti has picked up; gang and narcotics units are actively looking into this activity
    5. Gun shots – 1 tonight in the Farmers Mkt, person was shot in the leg at 1110 Alta; the non-fatality team is investigating. Martin Cramer indicated DPD had the suspect in custody
    6. DPD currently has no technology to ping where gunshots happen
  2. Code Compliance – Johnny Garcia, City of Dallas Code Dept.
    1. Advised to pay attention to safety protocols re: Covid; the staff is back to 50%; visit the city/county website for Covid update, including mask-related concerns
    2. Call on Ninfi Lopez (field staff patrolling our area) for issues in our community 469-515-1132 – they work with DDI and the Office of Homeless Solutions to combat our community issues (graffiti, etc)
    3. Go through the 311 app to get code-related concerns documented
    4. They are working with the fire dept. and DPD to canvass for code enforcement issues, patrolling as much as they can
  3. Homeless Outreach – Lauren Davis/DDI
    1. They are working hard to be innovative re: Covid
    2. Last month they assisted 55 people getting off the street (boarding, DDI Homeward Bound, bus tickets to reconnect with family, inclement weather sheltering)
    3. Their team is in purple shirts, look for them for help
  4. FMSA 2021 Board – Lawrence Sweeney
    1. We are looking for people to come on board
    2. No upcoming events, no new business currently – due to Covid
    3. For any Farmers Market community issues/concerns, email Shawn Hejka –, cell 214-283-4833
  5. Farmers Market Update – Lisa Ferri
    1. Taco Landia grab & go is tonight
    2. Will send agenda due to bad zoom reception
  6. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm