January 2021

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


January 12, 2021


Virtual Meeting


6:00 PM

In Attendance

  • Lawrence Sweeney; Mark Ruibal; Gail Crawford; Shawn Hejke; Jody Rivera; David Woody; Johnny Garcia; Martin Cramer; Rico Roberts; Albert Sanchez; Ivy Sweeney


  1. Graffiti – Johnny Garcia said it continues to be an issue
  2. The Bridge/Feeding – Dr. Woody said the Bridge has an issue with people having paperwork allowing them to feed on the street in front of the Bridge.  Adrian Pitman is the security manager at the Bridge.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Lawrence Sweeney went over the accounting, we have $5,021.31 in the bank (end of December there was $4,871.31 in the bank and receivables of $150 earlier this month for a total of $5,021.31; we received $1306.00 from 2020 memberships, which included $80 from t-shirt sales; expenses of $1,520.11 = loss of $241.11). Main expenses were the website, Quickbooks accounting program and D&O insurance.
  4. President’s Report – Lawrence Sweeney – 2020 was a challenging year; we only had 3 in-person meetings in January, February and March. The April meeting was canceled due to Covid, and since May we’ve had our meetings by Zoom video conference. We continue to get monthly updates on crime and code matters from DPD and Code Compliance. We have also been forwarding information regarding our area by email to our membership. We plan to continue having our meetings using Zoom until restrictions are relaxed, and we will continue to keep our membership informed on a regular basis. We are aware that a number of our members have moved out of the area and we plan to reach out to incoming residents using some of the new and existing apartments management teams. For installation/election of officers, we are carrying over the existing Board for 2021.