May 2021

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


May 11, 2021


Virtual Meeting


6:00 PM

In Attendance

  • Lawrence Sweeney; Ivy Sweeney; Karen Pierre; Gail Crawford; Sana Syed; Shawn Hejke; Rico Roberts; Adrian Gee; Johnny Garcia; Willard’s ipad


  1. Meet Sana Syed- in the June 5th runoff for Dallas City Council District 2
    1. Sana lives in our neighborhood.
    2. She is a former news anchor/reporter; became spokesperson for Ebola; got her PhD in public planning; and runs Fight Club for ladies surviving trauma (a trauma-informed safety model)
    3. Issues of concern:
      1. bringing public health back into the city’s purview – mental health and homelessness issues
      2. permitting issues
      3. community issues and demands
    4. Re: D2 – she feels we are overdue for underground transportation; the problem is the Deep Elum Foundation is not on board; and we need to be making sure the current transportation needs are being met
    5. Re: 1345 tear-down – she feels it has historical significance, yet our communities are divided and she sees the wisdom, but other things needs addressing first, like the homeless crisis; the tear-down has a 10-20 year timeline, other things need reconciling first
    6. Re: thoughts on homes issue & where the city isn’t meeting the needs- she feels the city is continuing to put a bandaid on it; more beds won’t be enough; the Office of Public Health needs to be brought back – city council needs to do that
  2. Neighborhood Report – Shawn Hejke
    1. Crime stats are out of whack – offenses are up some, but overall the numbers are going down; they have overtime officers dedicated to Friday and Saturday nights; Dallas has a no-chase policy in place for non-violent crimes
  3. Code Compliance update – Johnny Garcia
    1. We have a new code officer – Juan Contreras, phone number 469-704-2683
    2. Graffiti is a hot issue here in the DFM; property owners are held responsible; the city has resources – consent forms for removal/abatement of the graffiti
    3. Re: sidewalks, there is a 50/50 share program – property owners can apply for help with sidewalk fixtures through public works
    4. Call 311 to voice concerns or go to
    5. Johnny’s email address is
  4. Karen Pierre complained about the black bumpers along the bike lanes being taken away
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. Ginzaro Sushi now open in the old Cajun Tailgators space
    2. May 24 Industrious shared office space is opening to the public
    3. Paper Geenius now open in the Simply Irresistible space
    4. Every 3rd Wednesday is Pearl Street Eats at the Market