June 2021

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


June 8, 2021


Rex’s Seafood Market


6:00 PM

In Attendance

  • Lawrence Sweeney; Ivy Sweeney; Mark Ruibal; Dr. Woody; Karen Pierre; Charles Dicks; David Alpulche; Levi Hooten; Jess King; Bryan Cruz


  1. The meeting started with everyone introducing themselves. 
  2. Bryan Cruz with the Clean Team informed us that our DFW Security hours are 6:30 – 11 :00 pm, and encouraged us to use the See Say Now App for any issues or incident reports and to provide a good description; they are currently at 314 S. Harwood, but are moving to the National Building at 1401 Elm Street. 
  3. Dr. Woody, President/CEO of The Bridge, informed us about providing services to the homeless, such as Amazon Smiles, a wishlist for The Bridge and Stewpot to benefit the homeless; they are still practicing Covid procedures, have only had 1 outbreak in 14 months; a big challenge is social distancing and spread reduction under Judge Clay Jenkins’ order, as they see over 900 people a day; they are reducing the number of people on campus; they test and quarantine positive people at a local hotel; help is needed to guide people to The Bridge campus. 
  4. Lawrence went over the crime stats provided by Officer Shawn Hejke, crime numbers are up some, most activity being at 110 S Cesar Chavez Blvd. 
  5. The old North Texas Food Bank building is being demolished starting in September. It will be the Pearl Loft Apartments, a 6-story building with 77 4 sq. ft. apartments, and the Food Bank is coming back to office on the ground floor. 
  6. The speeders on Cesar Chavez are a big problem; people are speeding getting on and off of Cesar Chavez; it’s a residential area and we need signage saying 30 MPH Zone. 
  7. Officer Johnny Garcia reminded us that Juan Contreras is our new code officer; the biggest problem right now is graffiti, the combination of both tagging and graffiti defacing properties; Fabian Ramirez is over the abatement team, their response time is 3-7 days, and they allow 7 days after issuing notice of the graffiti for the property owner to abate it. 
  8. Karen asked about the status of the black bike lane bumpers that were taken and never brought back- Johnny contacted code compliance, but it’s not a code compliance issue, there’s a city person designated for that. 
  9. Lawrence encouraged everyone to let the FMSA know if there are any issues. 
  10. Next month’s meeting will be at the new Industrious office sharing space. 
  11. Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.