May 2022

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


May 10, 2022


Rex’s Seafood Market


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance


  1. Meeting was started at 6:04 by President Charles Dicks, with 30 people in attendance
  2. We were given a police report stating that there were a couple instances of violent crime this month, and an increase in cars being stolen, particularly HellCats and Denalis. We were encouraged to call police if we see anything suspicious. ”If you are asking yourself if you should call… call” was the reminder for everybody in attendance. Full police report available in the following link: FM District 5-2-22.pdf
  3. There will be a public TxDOT meeting on May 26th. For full details please go to I-345 Public Meeting Series 3 Notice_English.pdf
  4. Our featured speaker for the month, Amy Meadows from ParksFromDowntownDallas gave us an extensive look at Carpenter Park and Harwood Park. Some highlights included:
    1. Carpenter Park had its grand opening on May 3rd, and it’s the Largest Park in Downtown Dallas.
    2. It has the only basketball court in Downtown
    3. It features a dog park, graffiti proof structures and finishes, attractive light and water features that make it distinctively different from day to night
    4. Multiple events every month (for details visit 
    5. An art piece by Robert Irwin. This piece, acquired in 1981, is the most expensive piece of art owned by the city of Dallas.
    6. Hours of operation are 5AM-11PM
    7. The new Harwood Park is located on a piece of land acquired by the city in 2014, design started in 2016, and it has a potential opening date of May 2023.
    8. It will have pickleball/tennis courts, massive structures for kids to play, dog parks and multipurpose areas. 
    9. There is an initiative to have both Park Rangers and Marshalls on premise.
    10. For more details, maps, renderings and event information please visit
  5. Meeting was adjourned at 6:55pm