November 2022

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


November 8, 2022


Rex’s Seafood Market


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance


  1. Meeting was started at 6:08 by President Charles Dicks with 48 people in attendance.
  2. Officer Morganfield shared with us DPD community report which showed an increase in broken in vehicles. DPD is putting bait cars in the area to try to catch the criminals. There was also an increase in breaking in at Townhomes but a decrease is expected now that one of the perpetrators has been apprehended and kept in jail.
  3. In case you have been a victim of a break in, DPD urges us to provide serial numbers and photos of the items to help identify and recover property.
  4. On good news, there was only one violent assault reported all month.
  5. Sargeant Madison shared with us some tips to help keep our community safe:
    • Do not leave guns in your car. 
    • Hide property and valuables
    • Call 911 if you see something suspicious in real time.
  6. Councilman Jesse Moreno reported that patrolling has increased and will continue during the holiday season. He also mentioned a plan to install some cameras around the area to enhance security. 
  7. Meeting was adjourned at 6:31pm