December 2022

Farmers Market Stakeholders Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information


December 12, 2022


The Stewpot


6:00 PM

Directors In Attendance


  1. Meeting was started at 6:11 by President Charles Dicks, with 20 people in attendance
  2. Brenda Snitzer, director of The Stewpot ( shared with us a brief history of the organization and the diverse programs they have. Some highlights:
    • Housing program: Started housing March 2021, 65 people have been  housed since.
    • Children and youth program. Servicing South Dallas they have Wednesday and Saturdays programs, including a 7 weeks summer program. They currently have 45 young people in scholarship.
    • Meal services at The Bridge were established in 1975 and they provide 3 meals a day/365. Around 250 people get food on a daily basis through this program.
  3. Suzanne Erickson, Senior Director of Programs showed us a video called “Gloria’s story” ( which showcased one of the many people that have been helped by the Stewpot assistance programs.
  4. Rob Guild, Manager of Food Recovery, went into detail about The Stewpot’s meal recovery program ( The program started 3 years ago with one employee and a pickup, but now has grown into a full staffed operation with a refrigerated van. Last year just over 700,000lbs of food were recovered and used, with donations coming from Costco, local hotels, Whole foods, HEB, American Airlines Center, and many others. That food recovered is used for the meals at The Bridge and the surplus is shared with local organizations. There are many volunteer opportunities available, for more information please contact
  5. Sara Craig, Vice President of Development and Communications for Housing Forward ( talked to us about the organization. Housing Forward was founded in 2002 to serve as a collective voice for homelessness in Dallas. They have housed over 1300 people, and they are members of the All Neighbors Coalition (, a  collective of over 100 organizations working in collaboration to solve homelessness by providing resources and support to individuals experiencing homelessness in Collin and Dallas Counties.
  6. Meeting was adjourned at 7:22pm.